Cemetery Grounds Regulations

Hingham Cemetery provides a beautiful setting for the memorialization of loved ones. All landscaping and development in Hingham Cemetery are carefully planned to blend with the natural contours of the grounds and the historical tradition of this landmark. In the interest of all our lot and grave holders, Hingham Cemetery maintains strict, formal policies regarding floral decorations, plantings and monument design to protect the dignity and historical tradition of our cemetery.

PLANTINGS - Permanent plantings are permitted ONLY when approved by the Directors and performed by Cemetery personnel under contract with the lot holder.

Artificial plants or flowers and/or decorative materials are not permitted.  The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any overgrown or inappropriate plantings or decorations at any time.

Memorial Day or Interments  - Cut flowers, sprays, and potted flowers and plants brought by visitors may remain on lot sites up to 10 days after the burial, memorialization, or holiday. After that, Cemetery personnel will remove them.

Removal - Any flowers and plants that are overgrown or no longer contribute to the beauty of the grounds shall be removed at the discretion of Hingham Cemetery.  Unauthorized borders, large urns, boxes or other personal items that do not conform to the historical formality of the site shall be removed by Cemetery personnel at their discretion.

PROHIBITED ACTIONS - The following actions are prohibited without specific Cemetery authorization: cutting, breaking, or injuring any tree, shrub, flower or plant; gravestone rubbing; repair and/or cleaning of monuments. Dog walkers are welcome, but all dogs must be leashed at all times and all dog waste removed by the owners. Plastic doggie bags are located for your convenience at all entrances. 

MONUMENT REPAIR AND CLEANING - All monument, headstone, and marker repair and cleaning must be done under the direction of Hingham Cemetery. To arrange for professional cleaning and/or repair, please contact the Superintendent for further details and estimates.

We appreciate the cooperation of the lot holders and all who visit Hingham Cemetery in maintaining the integrity and high standards of this National Historical District landmark.  We welcome your suggestions and assure you that the entire staff of Hingham Cemetery is ready to assist you at any time. Contact Us

Hingham Cemetery Trivia:

Top 10 Burials by
Family Surnames

243 -  Lincoln  
59 -  Humphrey  
141 -  Hersey  
57 -  Cushing  
89 -  Barnes  
56 -  Thaxter  
74 -  Hobart  
54 -  Marsh  
70 -  Whiton  
50 -  Andrews  

Hingham Cemetery Location:

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