Cemetery Monument Restrictions

Hingham Cemetery is a privately-owned institution in Hingham’s Lincoln National Historic District with a 346-year history devoted to maintaining the tranquil atmosphere of our park-like arboretum. To preserve this setting, the Cemetery’s Board of Directors continues to maintain full control over all aspects of the property. We have long advised all potential purchasers of our requirement that precise and complete plans be submitted in writing to the Board before any contract is signed with a monument company. It is not our intent to freeze the style, shape, or size of new monuments; it is, however, our responsibility to honor the historic grace and artistic balance of the entire cemetery—the things that draw visitors to this memorable and distinguished site and that prompt so many to see it as a place for their own family gravesites. 


In keeping with the historical nature of the cemetery, and to assure all past and future lot holders that the cemetery will retain its historic feeling, Hingham Cemetery requires that all new headstones be consistent with the cemetery’s historical integrity in size, shape, color, material, and decoration.  Monuments must conform to the Hingham Cemetery guidelines below.  The full Board of Directors must review a written, illustrated, detailed proposal for each monument before construction, and no monument may be installed without the Board’s written approval.  There are no exceptions.  More ornate, oversized, or unusual monuments may be rejected at the discretion of the Directors.  Hingham Cemetery reserves the right to remove (at the owners’ expense) any monument or addition to an existing monument not previously approved by the Directors. For your protection, please contact the Superintendent before purchase. 

SHAPE:  Acceptable styles might include the following:
headstone shapes

MATERIALS:  Acceptable materials might include gray or white granite, slate, marble, or bronze.  Unusual fabrication must be approved before manufacture. 

ORNAMENTATION:  Cemetery Directors must approve shape, size, materials, color, font, inscriptions and any decoration before purchase of the monument.  Laser etchings, photographs, attachments, and/or tape recorders or digital discs or electrical items of any kind are prohibited on or near a monument.  Memorials may be marked in foreign alphabets so long as all names and dates also appear in English on the monument. 

INSTALLATION:  Only the Superintendent may install monuments, headstones, and markers and required foundations.  Any unauthorized installation will be removed at the owner’s expense. 

Only the Superintendent may install markers.

Hingham Cemetery Trivia:

Top 10 Burials by
Family Surnames

243 -  Lincoln  
59 -  Humphrey  
141 -  Hersey  
57 -  Cushing  
89 -  Barnes  
56 -  Thaxter  
74 -  Hobart  
54 -  Marsh  
70 -  Whiton  
50 -  Andrews  

Hingham Cemetery Location:

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