Burials of Note

1. William Hersey – (1596-1658) One of Hingham’s first settlers (came to Hingham in 1635); Town Selectman 1642, 1647, 1650

2. Three Ministers' Tomb containing remains of Hingham's first three ministers.
 a. Rev. Peter Hobart (1604-1679) - First minister
 b. Rev. John Norton (1651-1716) - Second minister
 c. Rev. Ebenezer Gay (1696-1787) – Third minister

3. Thomas Joy (c 1610-1678) - Builder of first state house in Boston (1657)

4. Col. Samuel Thaxter (1665-1740) - One of His Majesty's Council and Col. of his Regiment; delegate to the General Court; town Selectman.

5. Col. Benjamin Lincoln (1699-1771) - Father of Major General Benjamin Lincoln; town Selectman; Town Clerk; Representative of the town at the General Court; member of His Majesty’s Council.

6. Madame Sarah Langley Hersey Derby (1714-1790) - Founder of Derby Academy.

7. Benjamin Lincoln (1733-1816) – Maj. Gen. in Revolutionary army; served with Geo. Washington; received sword of Gen. Cornwallis at end of Rev. War; Sec. of War 1781; Lt. Gov. of MA 1787; a founder and president of the Society of the Cincinnati; Collector for the Port of Boston.

8. Captain Thomas Hersey (1734-1810) – Soldier in French and Indian War; Captain in Revolutionary War.’

9. Mary Revere Lincoln (1770-1853) – Daughter of Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere

10. Rev. Joseph Richardson (1778-1871) – Minister at Old Ship Church; State Representative; U.S. House of Representatives.

11. Adam Wallace Thaxter (1779-1858) – Hingham benefactor, Hingham Cemetery founder and first president

12. Rev. Calvin Lincoln (1799-1881) – Minister at Old Ship Church from 1855-1881

13. Gov. John A. Andrew (1818-1867) – Attorney; Gov. of MA 1860-1865. Instrumental in founding the 53rd. Regiment (first Negro Regiment) during Civil War

14. Sergeant Peter Ourish (1845-1864) - Hingham’s youngest volunteer to the Civil War.

15. Gov. John Davis Long (1838-1915) – Attorney; State Rep.; Lt. Gov. 1879; Gov. of Comm. of MA 1880-1882; Congressman 49th and 50th Congress of U.S.; U.S. Sec. of the Navy 1897.

16. Charles H. Cole (1871-1952) Boston Police Commissioner; Boston Fire Commissioner; Adjutant General of MA; candidate for Governor of MA.

17. Wilmon Brewer (1895-1998) Hingham benefactor; donated the Old Ordinary and More-Brewer Conservation area to town; made purchase of World’s End possible; author and poet.

Mary Revere Lincoln stone