Massachusetts Governor
John Albion Andrew

Gov. Andrew is one of the nation’s most honored statesmen. Although native to Maine, he married Eliza Hersey of Hingham in the New North Meeting House and lived here for the following 7 years. In 1860, he was elected Governor of Massachusetts -- the first Republican ever to win that office. He was subsequently re-elected, and served as Governor throughout the Civil War. His personal popularity and stand on abolition made him a national leader, gaining him the title of “foremost governor of the Union?. He was the driving force behind the creation of the first Negro regiment (the 54th Massachusetts) to serve in the Union forces, which is featured in the Hollywood production “Glory?. Governor John Albion Andrew is buried in the family plot close to the town’s Soldiers’ and Sailors’ (Civil War) Monument. The imposing statue of the Governor by the noted American sculptor Thomas R. Gould stands next to the gravesite. 

Governor Andrew statue