Peter Ourish

Peter Ourish, the Town’s youngest volunteer to the Civil War. Peter lived with his parents and 6 siblings on the corner of Lincoln St. and “Crow Point Lane.? Caught up in the fever of his older brothers’ friends joining the ranks, he signed up at the age of 16.  Being large and “sturdy? for his years, he lied about his age and was not questioned. (Recruits had to be 18 at that time.) Peter joined the Co. E. 32d Regiment, and went on to fight in 13 of the War’s major battles in which few survived, including Rappahannock Station, New Hope Church, Malvern Hill, Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Wilderness, Laurel Hill, North Anna, and Tolopotomy Swamp. Three years later, he received a wound in his shoulder and was transferred to a hospital in Washington, DC, where he died. Peter was 19. He is buried in Hingham Cemetery to the left of the town’s Civil War (Soldiers and Sailors) Monument.

Front of headstone:

Peter Ourish


Youngest Volunteer From Hingham


Back of headstone:

Co. I. 32d Reg
Mass Vols.

Died of wounds at
Stanton Hospital
Washington, D.C.
June 8, 1864
aged 19 yrs.


Blackburns Ford
Rappahannock Station
New Hope Church
Malvern Hill 
Second Bull Run
Mine Run
Laurel Hill
North Anna
Tolopotomy Swamp


Family of


Simon Ourish, father of Peter, was a resident of Hingham for many years.  They lived on Lincoln St., and the corner of “Crow Point Lane?.  He was a native of Germany.  He died  Feb. 9, 1856 at age 48. 

His wife Agnes (Hoser) was also a native of Germany.  She died in Hingham Dec. 27, 1864 at age 50. 

Their children were

Jacob (b. 7/26/1841) 
Catherine (b. 7/28/1843)
Peter born April 15, 1845 and died at Washington D.C. from wounds received at   the battle of Tolopotomy Swamp, June 8, 1864 at age 19.
Agnes F (b. 2/22/2847)
Anna L. (b. June 1849)
Harriet E. (b. 1/2/1854)
John S. (b. 2/5/1856)

Information from:  History of Hingham, George Lincoln, Vol II and III Genealogy.  Check Vol. III, p. 103,104

Researched by Henry S. Day, April 2003

Peter Ourish monument