Grave Spaces

As was custom at the time of the early establishment of the town, early settlers were buried around their meetinghouse, which was first about where Old Derby stands today and then the Old Ship Church. Hingham Cemetery today encompasses parts of that area, and early colonial headstones and burials can be seen there today. When the hills on lower Mains St. were lowered about 1820 to facilitate easier travel up Main St., the remains of many early settlers were uncovered. Those who could not be identified and reburied with a headstone were placed in a common burial mound in Hingham Cemetery under the Settlers’ Monument. These early settlers, whose remains may indeed lie within the grounds of Hingham Cemetery, are, for obvious reasons, not listed in the directory of burials.   

The Directory was last updated in 2014. For information on more current burials, Contact Us.

Today, grave space for both full burials and cremations continues to be available throughout this historic cemetery. Burial rights are priced according to location. Our Superintendent or Director of Sales is available by appointment to identify available locations and quote current prices. All purchases must be paid in full before burial.