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Hingham Cemetery At a Glance

Adjacent to historic Hingham Square lie 13 acres of open parkland — rolling hills and terraces known as the Hingham Cemetery, which was established 346 years ago in 1672.

The privately-owned cemetery is the resting place of numerous state and national patriots, statesmen, militia, and townspeople who helped build and shape our country.

The grounds encompass Hingham's only arboretum, its only Veterans' burial area, and a Memorial Garden for cremations.

Hingham Cemetery is one of the few historical cemeteries in the United States with burial lots still available for purchase.

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Upcoming Events

Author Dick Lehr

  • Sunday - February 11, 2018
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

  • Ames Chapel, Hingham Cemetery

Award-Winning Author Dick Lehr will discuss his New Novel, "Trell" in honor of Black History Month.

Dick Lehr Adult Ticket 17 or older - $10.00
Dick Lehr Under 17 Ticket - $5.00

Hingham Cemetery Trivia:

Top 10 Burials by
Family Surnames

243 -  Lincoln  
59 -  Humphrey  
143 -  Hersey  
57 -  Cushing  
90 -  Barnes  
56 -  Thaxter  
74 -  Hobart  
54 -  Marsh  
70 -  Whiton  
50 -  Andrews  

Hingham Cemetery Location:

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