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Hingham Cemetery is one of the few historic cemeteries in the United States dating back to the 17th century that still offers burial space. Along with regular burial lots available in most areas, the cemetery also offers the special Veterans Area--a fitting place for our country’s veterans and their dependants beneath the town’s Civil War monument and overlooking Hingham Harbor. A Memorial Garden for cremations beneath flowering dogwoods and azaleas is a popular choice as well. Ashes only are interred within a center oval of myrtle, and memorialization of names and birth and death dates are inscribed on surrounding pavers. Benches surrounding the garden offer a place for peaceful contemplation.

In order to preserve and maintain the tranquil, historic, and artistic nature of this 13-acre cemetery, the Directors have responsibly drawn up guidelines for both monument design and horticulture decoration. You will find these guidelines by clicking on the above files.

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