Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden in Hingham Cemetery was opened in 2001 for the interment of cremated remains. The formal garden is located atop one of the Cemetery's highest points and is set among flowering dogwoods, azaleas, mountain laurel and rhododendrons. This peaceful site provides for simple, in-ground burial of ashes in the center garden and offers benches for quiet contemplation and remembrance.

Our Memorial Garden is intended to appeal to those who cherish the formal, traditional gardens of the past and who wish to choose a burial that will provide perpetual beauty for the living as well as the dead. It was designed for those who desire simplicity, using only a name and dates of birth and death on Cemetery-owned granite paving stones within the garden rather than on an individual monument.

 In the burial space provided, cremated ashes are placed directly into the earth in the center garden beneath a bed of myrtle. No containers are allowed. Over time the remains become part of the ecosystem of the Garden and are not recoverable.

A record of burials and location of memoralizations will be maintained by the Cemetery.
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memorial garden