Settlers’ Monument

As was customary in England at the time, Hingham’s early settlers buried their dead around the meeting house. The original meeting house was located on a hill approximately where Old Derby Academy now stands, and the second meeting house (dating from 1680) is the current Old Ship Church, both on Main Street, Hingham.

When the street was lowered (by hand) in 1831 to accommodate horse-drawn trolley transportation, the remains of many early settlers were unearthed. Those which could be identified were reburied in various town historical cemeteries. Those remaining were moved to a burial mound overlooking Hingham Harbor in Hingham Cemetery. The site chosen was that of a small stockade (fort) that guarded the harbor during King Philip's War (see Points of Interest - Old Fort Site.) Over the burial mound was placed Hingham’s first town monument, an impressive obelisk of Quincy granite.

As testimonial to the gravity of the occasion and the importance of this monument, both the Settler’s Monument and the Old Ship Church were incorporated in the design of the official Town seal, which is still used today.

Settlers' Monument