Governor Andrew Monument

Gov. Andrew is one of the nation’s most honored statesmen, and his imposing statue fittingly occupies a place of prominence overlooking Hingham Harbor, across from the gravesite of Gov. John Long, and beneath the town’s Soldiers’ and Sailors’ (Civil War) Monument which graces the top of the hill.

The slightly larger-than-life-size statue, sculpted in Cararra marble in Florence, Italy, is attributed to noted American sculptor Thomas R. Gould, who was previously acquainted with Gov. Andrew. Leaden cases containing 25 documents (including the Hingham Journal of June 11, 1875) were deposited in the cavities of the marble pedestal (most likely of Vermont marble) on and over which the statue rests. 

The statue, one of Hingham’s most distinguished outdoor monuments, and is called by Save Our Statues! National Institution for the Conservation of Cultural Property (SOS) “one of the most impressive of those in Hingham which depicts an honored individual."; SOS is located in Washington, D.C.

Thomas Gould, who was previously acquainted with Gov. Andrew, carved the statue in 1875 after Andrew’s death. When Gould was asked specifically what kind of care the statue might need in the future, he wrote in 1873, “With regard to the danger from exposure to the weather, both experience and observation enables me to assure you that a little attention with a clean sponge and water during the fall of the last leaf would keep the marble pure for an indefinite period."

However, the harsh New England weather over the past 135 years has helped erode the stone’s exterior and aid the grown of moss and lichen, which attach to the porous surface.   Also, when the statue was cleaned in 1989, small cracks had appeared in the base due to water penetrating the stone and freezing. The cracks widened considerably over the next  21 years. It was cleaned and restored by the Cemetery with the help of Gov. Andrew descendants in the spring of 2010 in honor of the town’s 375th anniversary.
Gov. Andrew was originally buried in the prestigious Mt. Auburn Cemetery with great pomp and ceremony deserving of one of the Commonwealth’s most beloved governors.  Two years later, his remains were moved to the family plot in Hingham Cemetery and the commemorative statue erected on the adjoining lot. 


Governor Andrew statue