Veterans’ Area

This beautiful site is located on the second highest hill in the cemetery and overlooks Hingham Harbor. Gravesites sit directly under the shadow of the town’s 30-foot Soldiers’ and Sailors Monument, dedicated to its Civil War heroes in 1870. The area is reserved solely for veterans, their spouses, and dependent children, just as in all U.S. National Cemeteries. (Hingham’s Veterans Agent can supply particulars.)

In 1994 Hingham Cemetery recognized the lack of a burial ground specifically reserved for veterans who have given their lives for their country. The directors petitioned the town for permission to establish the Veterans Area under the town’s Civil War obelisk. Permission was quickly granted, with the understanding that the look of the area would remain as it was originally designed -- a flat landscape uninterrupted by upright monuments. Today, all monuments are restricted to flat government-issued markers for the veterans and similar markers of the same size and fabrication for spouses and dependent children.

On Memorial Day, the entire cemetery is graced with hundreds of American Flags, donated by the town of Hingham and erected by the Boy and Girl Scouts of Hingham. Special attention is given to the Veterans Area with the base of the central obelisk adorned with a floral wreath and geranium plantings.

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gravesites with American flags