"Recording Angel"

This small marble statue, the "Recording Angel", is by Larkin Meade (1835-1910) of Brattleboro, VT, and was given to Hingham Cemetery by Stuart and Margaret DeBard.

Larkin Mead (1835-1910) was brought up in Brattleboro VT and studied under Henry Kirke Brown. In 1856 he built in Brattleboro a colossal snow figure called 'The Recording Angel' which was later celebrated in a poem by James Russell Lowell. DeBard’s great grandfather helped pour water on the original snow statue to help it freeze. (The event was written up in the New York Times, DeBard was told.) His great grandfather traveled to Florence where Mead was working and bought this replica of "The Recording Angel" there.

Because of this statue, Meade was given the commission to carve the figure "Vermont" on the dome of the capitol at Montpelier. He also did the marble statue "Ethan Allen" for the Hall of Statues in the Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., the statues at the Lincoln Memorial in Springfield, IL, and innumerable other works of note.

Recording Angel